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The New Electric Ballroom
May.22-Jun.06, 2015

Voyager I and the Golden Record
Electronic Planet Ensemble
Jun.12-20, 2015

When the Rain Stops Falling
Different Stages
Jun.26–Jul.18, 2015

Summer Youth Theatre 2015

The Vortex

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We conjure and navigate the storm of imagination with urgent, unashamed art that dares to dream the world in which we want to live. This magic emanates from our cultural harbor, embraces diverse communities, breaks down barriers, and opens channels for vital exchange.

The VORTEX Repertory Company was incorporated in 1988 to create innovative productions of original work. Since 1990, we have operated in various performance venues and today owns our facility in East Austin, providing an intimate venue for the VORTEX Repertory Company as well as other local and national theatre companies, musicians, dancers, and performance artists.

A pioneering leader in Austin's alternative theatre scene, the VORTEX has successfully produced hundreds of original productions since 1989. As a haven for alternative performance, The VORTEX enriches and expands both spectators and artists. The VORTEX creates and produces vital, ground-breaking performances that generate thought and discourse on the issues of our time.

Creating and presenting world premieres, cutting-edge, plays, ritual theatre, and opera, VORTEX continues to expand its artistic professionalism, arts education programming, and community outreach.

Awards: The VORTEX has received dozens of awards with hundreds of award nominations for excellence... (View Our Awards Listing)

Summer Youth Theatre: Since 1991 the VORTEX's educational programming has provided teenagers tuition-free instruction in all aspects of creating and performing theatre in a fully designed production... (Read More)

Guest Performers: Over the years the VORTEX has become revered around the world as a haven for alternative performance producing original cutting-edge work by nationally-recognized guest artists including: Zen Miller III, Heather Woodbury, Rob Nash, Karen Finley, Pomo Afro Homo, Deborah Hay... (Read More)

Outreach: We believe ourselves to be part of the larger community and reach out to serve and connect to our world...(Read More)

Board of Directors: Bonnie Cullum, Heather Barfield, Shannon Stennis, Suzanne McAnna, Paula Gilbert, Gerrell Moore, Emily Fleming-Nash, Edna Parra, Yvonne Oaks, Mark Schiff.


World Premieres of Music Theatre/Opera: Sing, Muse*, Sarah Silverhands*, Troades, Dragonfly Queen, Vampyress*, Sleeping Beauty, Pythia Dust*, The Music of Erica Zann, Despair's Book of Dreams & the Sometimes Radio*, Beauty Vultures*, Lucifa, Faustus*

World Premieres of Collaborative Works: Earth, Water, Air, Trickster, Wake for the Dark Poet*, Dark Goddess*, The Deluge*, Wisdom of the Crone, Kassandra, Metamorpheus

Cybernetic Operas: Elytra*, Triskelion*, Panoptikon*, The Black Blood*, X&Y Trilogy*


New Plays by Austin Playwrights
Stars and Barmen by Reina Hardy, Elizabeth: Heart of a King by Lorella Loftus, St. Enid and the Black Hand by Molly Rice*, My Child, My Child, My Alien Child by Zell Miller III*, In Chains by Barry Pineo

Austin Premieres of New Works
A Thought in Three Parts*, 4:48 Psychosis, Ghost From a Perfect Place*, Shopping and Fucking*, Fur*, The Pitchfork Disney, Temptation, Beirut, The Baltimore Waltz*, Steel Kiss*, Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love, Jerker, Free Will and Wanton Lust

* Indicates award winning performances.


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