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John Gabriel Borkman
By Henrik Ibsen
Jun.24-Jul.16, 2016
Different Stages

The Madwoman of Chaillot
Summer Youth Theatre
Jul.22-30, 2016 @8pm
The Vortex

ARCHIVE: Season 21 2008-2009

Pink Sun
September 2008 | Ethos & VORTEX
Directed by Bonnie Cullum; Written by Chad Salvata
Production Photos

The Shocker
October 2008 | VORTEX Halloween
Production Photos

November 2008 | VORTEX & Women and Their Work
Written by Gretchen Phillips

What's So Funny?
December 2008 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Written by Reppy

12 Steps to a More Dysfunctional Christmas
December 2008 | VOTEX Guest Artist
Written by Rob Nash

January 2009 | Electronic Planet Ensemble

The Secret Lives of the InBetweeners
February 2009 | VORTEX
Directed by Bonnie Cullum; Written by Aaron Brown
Production Photos

Hip Hop Theater Explosion
March 2009 | VORTEX & Uprise!
Directed by Zell Miller III

Holy Cross Sucks!
March 2009 | VOTEX Guest Artist
Directed by Jeff Calhoun; Written by Rob Nash

May 2009 | VORTEX
Directed by Bonnie Cullum; Written by Bonnie Cullum & Content Love Knowels
Production Photos

Good Things
June 2009 | Renaissance Austin Theatre & VORTEX
Directed by Karen Jambon; Written by Liz Lochhead

R.U.R. Rossum’s Universial Robots
July 2009 | VORTEX Summer Youth
Directed by Gabriel Maldonado; Written by Karel Capek
Production Photos

The Last Hippie: A Western Novel
August 2009 | VORTEX
Directed by Rachel Rebecca Roy; Written by Vincent Mann


06.17.09 Good Things; Austin Live Theater
05.22.09 Oceana; Austin Chronicle Review
The Vortex's latest theatrical immersion in myth sinks you down 20,000 leagues
05.15.09 'Oceana' The life aquatic; Austin Chronicle
05.15.09 Give em a Hand; Austin Chronicle
04.17.09 Mister Z Loves Company; Austin Chronicle Review
Rubber Repertory's revival is a marriage of depravity and delight, of filth and fantasy
04.11.09 Liberating ‘Mister Z’ Deck Party at the Vortex; Austin American Statesman
03.27.09 Holy Cross Sucks!!!; Austin Chronicle Review
Rob Nash plays 29 characters over four years of high school and makes it look so easy
02.12.09 Secret Life of the InBetweeners; Austin Live Theatre Blog
aron Brown's musical at the Vortex benefits from a strong cast, Bonnie Cullum's assured direction, and a bouncy score,
01.23.09 Spaceman:Dada:Robot; Austin Chronicle Review
A song cycle with its head in the stars and a sense of wonder makes space cool again
01.02.09 12 Steps to a More Dysfunctional Christmas; Austin Chronicle Review
Rob Nash's solo show is funny, honest, and a welcome relief from saccharine holiday shows
10.31.08 2008 B. Iden Payne Awards; Austin Chronicle
10.31.08 Gretchen Phillips Reviewed; Austin Chronicle Review
10.03.08 2008 Payne Awards Nominations; Austin Chronicle
08.29.08 Radio Silence: a word opera; Austin Chronicle Review
Zell Miller III's hip-hop opera is fascinating when it isn't flying by so quickly
08.22.08 Talkin' the Walk; Austin Chronicle
Hip-hop theatre artist Zell Miller III speaks truth about radio, race, and fatherhood


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