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The New Electric Ballroom
May.22-Jun.06, 2015

Electric Dance Off
Vintage Dance Contest, Dance Party, and Fundraiser

May.30, 2015 Sat 10pm-1am

Voyager I and the Golden Record
Electronic Planet Ensemble
Jun.12-20, 2015

When the Rain Stops Falling
Different Stages
Jun.26–Jul.18, 2015

Summer Youth Theatre 2015

The Vortex

ARCHIVE: Season 16 2003-2004

The BareBones Festival
September 2003 | VORTEX

October 2003 | Ethos & VORTEX
Directed by Bonnie Cullum, Written by Chad Salvata

November 2003 | VORTEX
Directed by Lorella Loftus, Written by Shakespeare

12 Steps to a More Dysfunctional Christmas
December 2003 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Written and performed by Rob Nash

Pythia Dust
January 2004 | VORTEX & Ethos
Directed by Bonnie Cullum

Icons: The Lesbian & Gay History of the World, Vol. 1
January 2004 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Jade Esteban Estrada

January 2004 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Directed by Dudley Saunders, Written and performed by Heather Woodbury

Dark Goddess '04
February 2004 | VORTEX
Directed by Bonnie Cullum

The Accidental Activist
April 2004 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Written by Kathryn Blume

Ghost from a Perfect Place
May 2004 | VORTEX
Directed by Michelle Fowler, Written by Philip Ridley

Me, Myself, & Eye
July 2004 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Written and performed by John Steven Rodriguez

The Good Woman of Setzuan
July 2004 | VORTEX Summer Youth Theatre
Directed by Matthew Patterson, Written by Bertolt Brecht

Dear George: Letters to the President
October 2004 | VORTEX
Directed by Bonnie Cullum, Written by Marcus Woollen

"at once like something never seen before and yet curiously familiar..."

Robert Faires


08.20.04 Payne Pleasures 2004; Austin Chronicle
08.20.04 12-Steps to a More Dysfunctional Musical; Austin Chronicle Review
Nash gives the Smiths something new to bind the family, someone to look out for, a future, hope. He's the catalyst that finally gets every member of this self-absorbed family to stop gazing in the mirror, to stop worrying about herself or himself and start thinking about someone else.
07.30.04 The Good Woman of Setzuan; Austin Chronicle Review
06.06.04 Do Kill the Messenger; Austin Chronicle Review
Guest performers bring cameo cutups to 'The Comedy of Errors'
05.14.04 Ghost From a Perfect Place; Austin Chronicle Review
05.14.04 Austin Critics Table Nominations, 2003-2004; Austin Chronicle
04.23.04 Oh, What a Lovely War Protest!; Austin Chronicle Interview with Kathryn Blume
How the Lysistrata Project became a global phenomenon, from one woman who lived it
03.12.04 Dark Goddess 2004; Austin Chronicle Review
"Take responsibility for your own transformation," the women tell us. "Change is eternal. Accept change. Embrace it."
01.30.04 Pythia Dust; Austin Chronicle Review
Welcome to the cabaret at the end of the universe, where every song pulses with a quasar beat and love burns hotter than a supernova.
11.28.03 Coriolanus; Austin Chronicle Review
Winds of change blow mightily in Shakespeare's tragedies. Gusts of oratory describe the injustices and illegitimacy of the powers that be...

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