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The Madwoman of Chaillot
Summer Youth Theatre
Jul.22-30, 2016 @8pm

Aug.05-20, 2016 @8pm

The Vortex

ARCHIVE: Season 15 2002-2003

The Sun Also Rises in the East
September 2002 | Cultureworks & VORTEX
Directed and written by Brian Shapiro

Conversations at a Bathhouse Can Be Tricky
September 2002 | VORTEX
Jim Chappeleaux

Early Morning
October 2002 | VORTEX
Directed by Barry Pineo, Written by Edward Bond

Real Scary Stories
October 2002 | VORTEX

November 2002 | VORTEX
Directed by Lorella Loftus, Written by Liz Lochead

The Ratgirls' Holy Rockin' Christmas
December 2002 | VORTEX
Directed by Stephanie Towery

Holy Well & Sacred Flame
January 2003 | VORTEX
Directed by Bonnie Cullum

The Scarlet Letter
March 2003 | VORTEX
Directed by Michelle Fowler, Written by Phyllis Nagy

I Look Like an Egg but I Identify as a Cookie
March 2003 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Written and performed by Heather Gold

Black Tower
April 2003 | Ethos & VORTEX
Directed by Bonnie Cullum, Written by Chad Salvata

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus: High Heels & Red Noses
May 2003 | VORTEX Guest Artist

Rob Nash's: Holy Cross Sucks!
May 2003 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Written and performed by Rob Nash

Red Hot Americans
July 2003 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Tim Miller, Karen Finley, Penny Arcade

Conference of the Birds
July 2003 | VORTEX Summer Youth Theatre
Directed by Wendy Goodwin, Written by Susan Estelle Kelso

Cake Boy
August 2003 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Written and performed by Greg Walloch

Norman Normal Saves the World
August 2003 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Written and performed by Rob Nash


"it is the care and fluidity of the performers' movements, the ways in which their bodies in motion reveal to us their characters' natures and intent." - Robert Faires; Austin Chronicle


08.08.03 Norman Normal Saves the World: The Geek Breaks Out!; Austin Chronicle Review
Nash's art is in the insta-characterization. He tells his story through characters' "dialogues,"
06.27.03 Eggheads: Ain't That a Kick in the Head; Austin Chronicle
To see such assuredness of style, combined with the sense that the actors were really having fun, was a kick.
05.23.03 Holy Cross Sucks!: One for All; Austin Chronicle Review
The story's thrust is the musketeerish friendship that propels the boys through four tough years from timidity to freedom via New York.
04.25.03 Black Tower: Timeless Struggles; Austin Chronicle Review
In The Black Tower, the experimental performance company ethos creates another theatrical museum through which audiences may examine living dioramas populated by Greek gods engaged in struggles with each other as old as the human race.
03.21.03 The Scarlet Letter: A Recurring Nightmare; Austin Chronicle Review
Within this atmosphere of dread, director Michelle Fowler and her cast create a society of suffocating morality and the cruel reprisals that await any who violate its rigid rules of conduct.
01.17.03 Holy Well, Sacred Flame: Spring Down Memory Lane; Austin Chronicle Review
Writer-director Bonnie Cullum makes a unique rite from sincerity, sensuousness, and outlandish vision.

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