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Ode to the Elements
Oct.24-25, 2014
Guest Artist Z-Helene

Oct.31-Nov.02, 2014
A New Physical Theatre Performance

Ask the Psychopomp
Oct.30-Nov.02, 2014

14/48: The World’s Quickest Theater Festivals
Oct.17&18, 2014


Trivia Tuesdays @7pm
Who Wants A Dollar?

Hoopin’ Happy Hour
Thursdays @5:30pm

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The Vortex

ARCHIVE: Season 14 2001-2002

The Deluge
September 2001 | VORTEX
Directed by Bonnie Cullum, Written by Kirk Smith
Herstory of Porn
September 2001 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Written and performed by Annie Sprinkle
Shopping and Fucking
October 2001 | VORTEX
Directed by Barry Pineo, Written by Mark Ravenhill
Rhymes, Reasons, and Bomb Ass Beatz
October 2001 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Written and performed by Harold Finley
Rob Nash Does Romeo and Juliet
December 2001 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Written and performed by Rob Nash
The Naked Project
December 2001 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Written and performed by Katherine Chronis
Dark Goddess '02
January 2002 | VORTEX
Directed by Bonnie Cullum
The 13 Circles
February 2002 | VORTEX
Directed and written by Chad Salvata
The Music of Erica Zann (based on Lovecraft)
May 2002 | VORTEX
Directed by Bonnie Cullum, Written by Mick D'arcy & Edmund Pantuliano
12 Steps to a More Dysfunctional Family
June 2002 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Written and performed by Rob Nash
Moby Dick
July 2002 | VORTEX Summer Youth Theatre
Directed by Bonnie Cullum, Written by Kirk Smith
The Uncle Cuddles & Spiccy the Clown Show
August 2002 | VORTEX
Clay Towery & David Saldana


"Anyone curious about the driving psychology behind 'evil' women 'women who defy the borders of femininity and womanhood' should see this play at once..." Cindy Kim; Daily Texan Staff - Medea


12.20.02 Ratgirl's Holy Rockin' Christmas: X-mess; Austin Chronicle Review
With Ratgirl's Holy Rockin' Christmas, Ratgirl proves herself a real artist by tossing the yule's manifold manifestations into an artistic blender, from which she serves up holiday cheer in a mighty mythological melange, a veritable Xmess.
11.29.02 Medea: If Looks Could Kill; Austin Chronicle Review
The feast for the eyes includes Loftus' use of four actresses to share the title role, as well as play the Chorus.
10.02.02 Payne Pleasures 2002; Austin Chronicle; B. Iden Payne Awards  
07.26.02 Moby Dick: Study of Mortality in Blue and White; Austin Chronicle
You never see the sea in the Vortex Repertory Company's new stage adaptation of Moby Dick, but you sense it around you and under you,
07.19.02 Moby's Play: Kirk Smith on Bringing Melville's Whale to the Stage; Austin Chronicle; Interview with Kirk Smith  
07.07.02 12 Steps to a More Dysfunctional Family; Austin Chronicle Review
This is the play to attend with that family member who impersonates you best.
05.31.02 The Music of Erica Zann: That Way Lies Madness; Austin Chronicle Review
Entering The Music of Erica Zann is akin to falling into a fever dream, a hallucinatory state in which you're overwhelmed by strange visions and a palpable sense of anxiety and apprehension.
05.24.02 More Places at the Table: Nominations expand for the 10th Austin Critics Table Awards; Austin Chronicle  
04.19.02 Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Off; Austin Chronicle Review
Loftus the producer prevails by enticing some of Austin's finest actors from the Shakespearean courts back to the realm of the experimental.
03.22.02 Seven Wonders of the World (Plus One): Darn That Dream; Austin Chronicle Review
The Tongue and Groove Theatre gang have some serious fun with this disconnect between dreaming and waking life



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