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John Gabriel Borkman
By Henrik Ibsen
Jun.24-Jul.16, 2016
Different Stages

The Madwoman of Chaillot
Summer Youth Theatre
Jul.22-30, 2016 @8pm
The Vortex

ARCHIVE: Season 12 1999-2000

The Tetragons
October 1999 | Electronic Planet Ensemble

Dirty Money
October 1999 | VORTEX
Directed by John Steven Rodriguez, Written by Lisa Peschel

Lost X-Mas Episode
December 1999 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Written and performed by Heather Woodbury

December 1999 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Written and performed by Rob Nash

Dark Goddess
February 2000 | VORTEX
Directed by Bonnie Cullum

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus
April 2000 | VORTEX Guest Artist

Heaving Shadows at the Skin Show
April 2000 | VORTEX
Directed and written by Kerthy Fix

Fractured Greeks
May 2000 | VORTEX
Directed by Bonnie Cullum

The Frogs
July 2000 | VORTEX Summer Youth
Directed by Clay Towery, Written by Aristophanes

Junior Blues
September 1999 | VORTEX Guest Artist
Written and performed by Rob Nash

Julie Goldman Works It Out
September 1999 | VORTEX Guest Artist


"I was hooked. I wanted to hear more. It was love."
- Skipper Chong Warson


11.24.00 The Bridge Burner: Reheated; Austin Chronicle Review
It's about the other members of Brian's shattered and dysfunctional family trying to deal with each other, and, okay, it's an accurate picture of anger and loss and need and denial.
09.22.00 Payne Pleasures 2000; Austin Chronicle  
09.08.00 Elytra: New Synthesis; Austin Chronicle Review
He's clearly dealing with issues of death and regeneration, creation, power and control, and even when his treatment of them winds through dense landscapes, we can glimpse the road.
08.18.00 B. Iden Payne Award Nominations, 1999-2000; Austin Chronicle  
07.29.00 The Frogs: Awkward Bawdy; Austin Chronicle Review
And prance these young actors do, with all the glorious energy and presence of youth, and all the slickness of a well-trained troupe, professionally directed by VORTEX
07.14.00 And You Come From Where ...?: Where Did the Love Go?; Austin Chronicle Review
I haven't told anyone yet. I didn't want to jinx it, but I fell in love this weekend. With Cultureworks' And You Come From Where ...?, written and performed by Brian Shapiro.
05.26.00 Fractured Greeks: Great Deeds, Human Follies; Austin Chronicle
Every year the Vortex Workshop brings together VORTEX Repertory Company members and other local actors to "train, play, work, write, experiment, and perform together."
03.31.00 Heaving Shadows at the Skin Show; Austin Chronicle Review
Within the dark, funny realm of her ultra-revealing Heaving Shadows at the Skin Show, Fix manages to combine her endless influences into a pleasantly chaotic fairy tale straddling harsh realism and the giddiest dreaminess.
03.17.00 The Apocalytes & the Tetragons: Psychic Blasts and Undulating Bodies; Austin Chronicle
With the hyper-stylized, absurdist, nudity-rich videos looming behind them, Salvata, Samayoa, and Matt Patterson, all of the Electronic Planet Ensemble, churned out loud, rockin' electronica to accompany the action.
02.18.00 Dark Goddess: Remembrance of Deities Past; Austin Chronicle Review
Dark Goddess isn't just a theatrical performance; it's a spellbinding ritual bringing together goddesses from the far reaches of the world
01.14.00 Despair's Book of Dreams and the Sometimes Radio: Grooving Among the Shreds of Shadow; Austin Chronicle Review
It's the waking dreamscape of a lonely, abandoned man capering through the confines of a house as jumbled and tattered as the ruins of his mind...


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